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Instant Shuang Shoes feet
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Instant Shuang Shoes feet deodorizing agent
Instant elimination of shoes stink, socks stink and feet odor
This product contains natural deodorant ingredients (extract of Pyrola calliantha )
This product is made by modern high-tech nano-active water technology. It can immediately neutralize and eliminate shoes stink, socks stink and feet odor, and at the same times, leave pleasant fragrance with safety and without stimulation. As long as you use this product, you no longer feel embarrassed and ashamed for your taking off your shoes.
This product is applicable to all kinds of footwear and easy to use. The product can be directly sprayed in shoes, socks and feet to immediately deodorize. Only 3-5 times of spraying this product can a good effect be gotten. This product can be used for 60-80 pairs of shoes .

High-tech products with significant effect

1. With just a slight spray of the product, the shoes stink, socks stink and feet odor can be eliminated within 1 minute and a pleasant fragrance can be left for keeping 2 days.
2. You can wear the shoes and socks after you easily to directly spray the product to the shoes, socks and feet for 1-2 minutes.
3. Relying on the strong scientific and technological strength of Nanchang University, the product is produced using modern high-tech nano- activity water technology. The product uses the essence extracted from natural Pyrola calliantha as effective deodorant ingredients. This product is not only efficient, but also safe, non-toxic and not stimulated to skin. The results of the product test by the Disease Control Center of Jiangxi province showed that the oral toxicity is LD50>10000mg/kg and the acute skin irritation index is 0, proving that this product is nontoxic and non-irritating.

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