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 Hairdye shampoo
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 Hairdye cream
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Product name

Dye shampoo

Net content

10g/bag(2g × 5)



Packing specification

200 bags / piece (50 bags × 4 box)

Outer packing size

410 × 280 × 245(mm)

Commodity code


Outer packing code


Product features
This product is a new hair dye for the purpose of simultaneous hair-wash and hair-dye. It contains amino acids. It is conveniently used with no skin-pollution and no hair-hurt.
Use method
The product is used by three steps: (a) the hair is firstly wetted with warm water; (b) one bag of the product is taken to be melted with small amount of water ( about 10 ml ) and then rubbed on the hair with uniform bubbles and foam; (c) after the bubbles and foam stay about ten minutes on the hair, the hair is washed with clear water. When you use this product to wash and dye your hair for 3-5 times with above method you can turn your white hair into black hair.

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